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Contract terms

Parties of the Agreement

Hotelway Oy (later called Hotelway) and the customer, (later called Hotel) have agreed to the following:

General about Hotelway:

Hotelway provides the guest communication service for the hotel(s). The main part of it is a chat widget which will be installed in the hotel’s web pages. Hotelway chatbot will manage the chat and answer to guests’ questions.

Content and the Service:

A chat widget (LiveChat) will be installed in the hotel’s www-pages. It works for mobile and desktop browsers. Whenever the guest is searching information from the hotel’s pages, a prompt to use a chat for further questions and help is presented. It is up to the hotel to decide if the chat should be available for all pages.

An automated AI-based chatbot will answer to the questions. Hotelway will gather enough information to set up the bot to answer to the guest’s questions (FAQ). Hotelway will also improve the quality of the answers of the bot constantly. We are also updating the information to keep the answers up-to-date.

Hotel has the right to view and correct the bot’s answers.

When there is a question that the bot cannot answer, the guest has the possibility to leave their contact details and the question. It will then be forwarded to the hotel to be acted on. These cases are usually max 20%.


The service will be active in 2 languages and one of them is always English. Please consult the availability of different languages from Hotelway.

Hotel can also decide the tone of voice of the communication (e.g. relaxed, humorous, professional etc.).

Times & Service-Level-Agreement (SLA)

The bot will answer questions 24/7. 

The response time for the bot is seconds.

If the hotel has some updated information (e.g. price changes), Hotelway will update the bot latest on the following work day. 

If the service is not functioning properly, Hotelway will work to correct that as soon as possible. If the problem persists for more than 3 working days from the written notice, Hotelway will credit the monthly fee for that week.

Hotelway is not viable to compensate any other losses of income for the hotel.

Bot will learn constantly and can provide better answers week by week.

SETUP: Training, Installation & Customization

Hotelway will provide the hotel the link (code) to be inserted in the hotel’s www-pages for the chat widget. Hotel will decide, in which pages the chat will be presented.

Hotelway will adjust custom colours for the chat widget for the bar, texts and the backgrounds.

Also, all texts and greetings are fully customized to the hotel’s preferences. 

We will together establish a communication protocol about how to inform Hotelway about the changes such as different opening hours of a restaurant. Hotelway and the hotel will agree about the processes of different elements, e.g. how the forgotten property -cases will be handled.  The implementation phase takes an average of one week.

Pricing and other commercial terms

In addition, there will be a monthly fee, which is based on the amount of rooms.

The payment term is 14 days net. 

If we do not generate revenue worth twice the monthly price, we will not send the invoice for that month.

If hotel wants to pay the full year in advance, they can pay for 11 months and get 12th month for free.

If the implementation requires travelling, the hotel is required to offer parking, room and board for the people involved. The actual travel costs will be invoiced separately. In practice, this never happens.

The prices are excluding taxes and other transaction fees. All applicable fees will be added to the prices.


Hotelway has built an extranet service in which the hotel staff has the possibility to view different statistics regarding the service. The credentials will be provided after the bot is online.

Contract length

The initial start date will be agreed upon separately.

The contract is valid with 3 months termination period.

However, the Hotel has the right to terminate the service also after 1 month’s pilot without any termination periods.


Hotelway has the right to use Hotel as a reference in their marketing.