How GLO Hotels in Helsinki got 7300% ROI with our PROMO-TOOL

The pandemic ruined the business for city hotels all over the world. We have supplied our services to various hotels over the years and Klaus K hotel in Helsinki is one of them. They previously had a chatbot and it was now enhanced with our new Promo Tool in May. The hotel employees love it.

“I can't believe how easy it was”

"Thank you about this one more time! This is a fantastic feature. 🙌 And especially I want to thank you Hannu about how easy it is to cooperate. I know we are not easy to reach, but you have been patient with us and always helpful. And you remind us if something needs to be done. Your guys are so fast! And this Promo-tool thing! I can’t believe how easy it was. It took only 12 min from Marjo and me to fix this. Really super great!"
Marika Mäkelä
General Manager at Klaus K Hotel – Helsinki
KlausK PromoTool

Our hands-on attitude

Actually, Marika liked the promo tool so much, that she wanted to introduce it to their sister hotels, GLO Hotels. Since there were early signs of recovery, we wanted to act fast.

The decision was made on a Thursday afternoon in mid-June and it was already implemented on their webpage by end of the day Friday.

Implementation time

Scalable promotions

Since then, our Promo tools have greeted the website visitors of GLO Hotels and engaged with them. It promotes the offers they have in their hotels, as well as suggest to join into their loyalty program.  And you can even ask the availability and prices of the rooms, if you like.

Learnings so far

The tool even helps to learn more about the customers and their behaviour: It seems, that many people would like to know the parking possibilities, check-in times, pet policy and the typical topics. Adding our Basic chatbot, improves the customer service, as well as saves some time from the hotel employees.

The good thing about our service is, that it is modular, and additions like the promo tool in this case are easy to implement.       

EUR per month
5000 +

You can also benefit from our PROMO-TOOL

If we now got your interest, go ahead and click the links of the hotels to see how our service works.

 You can also see what type of products we offer. The best way to find out more, is of course to reach out and book a 30 min online meeting with us.