5 chatbot tips to overcome innovation fears.

Thinking outside the box is never easy. Here we share with you five insights to overcome fear of innovation.

Innovation fear. not today!

6 Reasons why hoteliers don’t use chatbots.

Chatbots are useful and resourceful digital tools. The perfect sidekicks for a hotel. But why are they not been used? Here we give you the top 6 excuses.


Top 7 expert tips to help your revenue strategy.

Optimizing revenue and readapting a business strategy is more challenging than ever before. There is no question about that. Hotel managers face difficulties hey are unprepared for, and that can lead to confusion and despair.

But you don’t have to figure it all out alone!

3 ways chatbots impact customer experience (CX) and revenue.

Customer experience is the impression a hotel leaves in their guests, affecting the perception of the company’s brand. It is directly linked with the customer journey.

In Hotelway we strongly believe on making each guest overnight count by implementing AI-based chatbots. Here are three ways chatbots impact the hospitality industry.

Hotelway will speak at ROC@Home

Hannu Vahokoski is Hotelway’s CEO and one of the speakers at ROC@Home 2020. He will address AI and how it will help with hotel guest communication during this COVID recovery. Sharing screen will be Brendan May, Michaela Papenhoff, Faisal Memon, Floor Bleeker and Nicolas Durand.

Tune in! June 17th | LIVE 3:30 PM GST | LIVE 5:30 PM GST

Hotelway offers a free FAQ-bot to hotels amid COVID-19 crisis

As an increasing number of countries shut down and close many of their services, hotels need help in communicating the latest developments to their guests.

About chats and waiting in lines

We are a society of instant gratification. For better or worse, we have grown accustomed to receiving exactly what we require, instantaneously. The same applies to customer service. No one wants to wait in line.

Why do hotels use so few channels?

According to our survey, 78% of hotels do not have any other channels for guests to reach them aside from phone
calls and emails. Furthermore, 67% of them could not consistently answer their phone in less than 45 seconds and emails in less than 90 minutes. Guests will not wait.

Hotelway chosen as the most promising hospitality startup in Europe

” — they are genuinely solving a real problem in hotels. In addition, they concentrate on what is the most important in the hospitality: people. They are doing this with a smart technology utilization, which will help to scale this service to all Europe”, says Nick Price, one of the expert judges of the competition.