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Food ordering is a growing trend. Are you ready to get your share?

Just on last Friday, a leading financial journal in Finland (Talouselämä) published an article, where they stated, that ordering food via app is a super fast growing trend in Europe. Take Away orders can be even 30% of a restaurant’s business. This is something that changed dramatically during the hard times of the pandemic, but the trend stayed, and is growing.

Now you may think, that it is only about the city restaurants, or already managed by Foodora, Wolt and the sorts. Wrong. 

Many golf clubs, activity parks and even hotels are either using or planning to adopt such a service. Imagine this: You are on 17th tee and getting hungry. You scan a code and get immediately menu of the restaurant. You place the order and your beer & burger is waiting for you once you finish your 18th hole. Same with the activity parks. Why wait in a que to a restaurant with the kids, when you can place the order with your phone, let the kids keep playing, and go eat, once your get a SMS saying your food is ready. Simple, easy and effective – for everybody. 

Food ordering is easy.

Many F&B Managers admit, that Room service (or take away) ordering in the hotels could be much better managed.

It can also bring much more revenue once fully utilised. The pandemic taught us to order in, and many people realised how easy it is to work while eating in your own privacy, or have a quiet dinner in the room, while kids are watching TV/Netflix/etc. 

The big majority of the orders are still made by phone calls. It consumes time from the customers and the kitchen staff (1 order can easily take 5 min). There are also some apps the customers can download and register. But people do not want to download apps anymore! Many studies e.g. by Gartner and Forrester prove the same.

Instead, you need a service, which can be used in seconds. And as we all know, hotels and restaurants are struggling with the staff shortages, so effectivity is something everybody needs. 

And you do not want the food delivery people running at your corridors either, the money belongs to you.

Quick solution suggestion

Hotelway has developed now a Room Service / Take Away / pre- ordering tool, which the customers can use with their own smart phones (even on the move) without registering or downloads. They can browse the menu items with descriptions and see even pictures, collect items in the shopping cart, and place the order. Your staff will then receive a SMS alert and can proceed with the order. No IT department involvement needed, and fast to deploy. If you want to know more, please try our demo

And…. since we know how busy the hospitality and restaurant people nowadays are, implementing the food ordering service requires only, that you send us the menu you already use, the phone number where you want the orders to, and maybe few pictures. Nothing else needed.

If you are interested in further reading, here is one interesting article by Hotel Management International from February 2022. 

Hotelway Room / Take Away / Pre ordering tool benefits & features.