What is a hotel chatbot?
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What is a hotel chatbot? Why should you care?​

In this article, we are going to talk about what is a hotel chatbot, how it works and why should hotels implement it.

What is a hotel chatbot?

To put it simply, a hotel chatbot is a new channel to reach and interact with your customer. Chatbots have many benefits for the hotels that implement them. Firstly, you can tell about your services, offers and events in a personalized way. Secondly, you can be always available for your customer, since the hotel chatbot works 24 hours per day. Thirdly, it gives you an opportunity to increase direct sales and revenues in a win-win situation for you and your customer.

To sum up, a hotel chatbot is a supportive colleague for your customer service and a personal concierge for your website. And like its human colleagues, it is learning constantly!

Hotelway Hotel Chatbot

Development has gone a long way since its humble beginnings. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, they can learn and solve real customer problems through interactive conversations. Although there are several general chatbots on the market, our chatbot is already trained for hotels. In other words, this makes it quick to install and take into use. 

Hotel chatbots on websites.

Hotel Chatbot Smiling

In a sense, chatbots are like real robots, just not the humanoid kind.

Upon entering a hotel’s website, the chatbot is available as an emerging window from the corner of the page. Certainly, this is one of the biggest advantages of this digital solution. In conclusion, no third party or extra apps are needed to operate this tool. Therefore, your consumers won’t experience, yet again, the hassle to download another app in their phones.

Chatbot definition in a nutshell.

An AI-based hospitality chatbot is an interactive program that performs like a human receptionist/host. Similarly, it can greet guests, make room reservations, sell ancillaries services, answer questions and give that personal touch to each of your guests.


How does a hotel chatbot work?

Firstly, when a user lands in your hotel page, the chatbot service will pop-up discretely in a corner of the screen. In addition, it will greet the future guest and display an array of options the client may need help with.

Secondly, the guest can select a ready choice of topics or inquiries and follow the links towards service purchase.  

Thirdly, if the topic or query that our customer is interested in is not displayed by default, the client can type whatsoever question. Consequently, an automatized answer will be generated. Simplicity itself!   

What does a hotel chat look like?

How a hotel chatbot works!

What if the hotel chatbot does not understand?

Best hotel chatbots are constantly learning and ours is not different. However, sometimes guests ask new or unexpected questions. For instance, if the guest asks about new offers not included in the website, a report is sent to Hotelway team to fix this question for the future. On top of that, the software sends a message to your staff, so they can answer to the customer. 

The right hotel chatbot can deal with questions which would never come through traditional channels and enables the hotel to be even more personal. 

In conclusion, the hotel chatbot understands when it does not understand and co-operates both with your human staff and with Hotelway team. Consequently, it is trained as your human staff to become better and improve, answering even more questions automatically.

Why do I need a hotel chatbot?

A good hotel chatbot is the perfect support for your human team!

The world of travel has changed and many guests wish to get an answer immediately. However, they don’t want to call, e-mail or wait. They expect the customer service to be easily available. In other words, a hotel chatbot becomes a win-win in your customer relationship.

There are many reasons to use a chatbot. For starters, you can serve your customers better, faster and more cost efficiently because your human staff will be able to focus on more complex questions. Consequently, your hotel will experience an increase in earnings, direct bookings and service sales.

  • Booking conversion

    Drive your online visitors down the pipedrive and make them paying customers.

  • Engagement

    Handle countless hotel chat interactions, efficiently and in real time.

  • 24/7

    Offer customer care around the clock. Engage with your guests anywhere, anytime.

  • Multilingual

    Chat in your guest's language! Make them feel at home.

  • Fast

    Reply instantly to all your guests! Waiting builds frustration and drive sales away. Do not miss another customer again!

  • Integrations

    A hotel chatbot integrates with nearly every other channel. WhatsApp, Facebook, LiveChat...you name it!

  • Increase hotel revenue

    Automatize and scale your hotel sales with the right hospitality chatbot. Sell more and increase hotel revenue by offering your services to the right customer segment. Only pet onwers need to find offers about their furry ones.

  • Increase direct bookings

    Drive your sales along the pipeline. Room service, parking, special guests packages, pa reservations or other activities will no longer go unnoticed the right hotel chat.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Chat for hotels Offer tailor made content.

  • Centralized information

    All your online presence in one fast channel.

  • Safe money and time

    Hospitality chatbots safe 30% on staffing expenses. And more importantly, they free your human agents to take care of more important matters.

  • Easy to install

    Hotel chats do not require big investments. Chatbots are SaaS and they do not require IT purchases or costly equipment.


A chatbot is a software application that performs customer care tasks. It is a form of SaaS that gets integrated in the hotel’s website.

The right hospitality bot can engage automatically with your guests even when you are not there. It is multilingual, works 24/7 and tailors your offer according to the guest needs.

For now, chatbots won’t replace humans, but they are an invaluable cost efficient help.

Scan and see how a hotel chabot works!


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