How Imatra Spa Got 12K per Month using Hotelway Call Center

Getting 12K€ in revenue per month is difficult. By the pandemic’s logic, it’s almost impossible. However, Imatra Spa has cracked the code by following one very simple rule – placing customer communication first. You snooze, you lose. You react quickly and provide an easy way for customers to use your services, you win. 

"Is it true that all spa hotels in Finland still do not have a chat service like this? Why? It is crucial for survival."

Ari Aspia
CEO of Imatra Spa
Ari Aspia

Getting Customer Instant Help

By using Hotelway chatbot and live chat tools, Imatra Spa has received many questions per month, which they were able to answer quickly and directly to customers. As their customers receive instant help, they didn’t need to look for an alternative option (the competitors) and were happy to book the services right away.

Imatra Spa’s customers also received help with finding the best package for themselves, whether it was from the chatbot or live chat. With the live chat service provided by Hotelway, we answer their customers within 2 minutes, guide them through all of the services, answer all the questions, and help them customize the best spa package.


Using Modern Communication Tools

No need to call or email the hotel to get information – many guests do not want that despite the fact, that many hoteliers want to give personal service. As a result, Imatra saved so much time from their staff and let them focus on serving customers at the spa hotel. Customer service from both front – digital and onsite – was raised to a new level and customers become happier to spend!

Hours Saved
50 +

Gain More Visitor Insight with Our Dashboard

2,100 travelers have engaged in conversation via the chat tools per month (chatbot and live chat). With our insight dashboard, Imatra Spa also gains more customer insights which allow them to provide better customer service.

Here are the TOP 10 topics that were asked by customers:

  1. Offers (and questions related to them) 
  1. Price and availability – and also booking 
  1. Price of the spa (and discounts and combos) 
  1. Check-in times ja opening hours of the spa (and how to use spa) 
  1. Different other activities (e.g., gym, skiing, running, tickets to 3rd party services) 
  1. Pets 
  1. Breakfast 
  1. Dinner and Table reservation. Especially special times, like Mother’s Day or Christmas. 
  1. Treatments and booking treatments 
  1. Parking  

The good thing about our service is, that it is modular, and additions like the promo tool in this case are easy to implement.       

1500 +

You can also benefit from our Call Center!

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