IBM Watson based AI-bot

If you want to have the best possible AI-chatbot, which is available for commercial use, you need the next generation NLP-bot – based on IBM Watson.

While the other bot is designed for fast use, sales and easy information, our Watson bot can provide in addition excellent guest service in conversational form. It is almost like talking to a human.  

We can integrate the chatbot with different sources of information to get updated messages to your guests. It is in many ways better than a human – speed of service is one of them.

​Creating your bot takes one day from you (for us it is a month-long project). When it’s done, you only need to copy-paste the code onto your website (takes 10 minutes). Nothing else is needed from you – not in the future either, as we teach the bot

This is by far the best choice for luxury hotels, who want to serve their guests like they want to be served in 2021.


Pricing will depend on the amount and level of information, your size and the different integrations.

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