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Hotelway offers a free FAQ-bot to hotels amid COVID-19 crisis

At the time of writing this, the global number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 198 412 . As countries scramble to respond to the crisis, borders are closed and services shut down. The situation evolves quickly, and one of the most important things – and challenges – is to keep the public informed with effective communication.

Travel and hospitality are some of the industries hit most severely. Because of this, we believe that hotels could really use some help in their guest communication during these trying times.

So, we have decided to offer a free FAQ-bot that helps hotels manage their communication during this exceptional time. According to our data, upwards of 70% of all guests’ questions to hotels during the pandemic have concerned COVID-19. Sending emails or updating your hotel’s website daily with new policies and guidelines is hard work. We can do this for you. We will keep the bot up-to-date while your staff can focus on other important functions. The bot also includes other useful information for guests: check-in/out times and room and restaurant information for example.