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Hotelway closes investment round with 6 new investors to boost international expansion and R&D.

Elias Aalto, one of the founders of Wolt, and Hannu Vahokoski, our CEO, comment on our investment round.

New ways to reach customers

Technology has allowed us to surf this turbulent and difficult year. As a matter of fact, those who opened the door to innovation are coming out stronger than they were before.

Elias and Hannu are firm believers that technological innovation brings value to consumers.

"The hotel industry is facing a similar situation as the restaurant industry. Covid-19 has hit the hospitality industry hard and new tools give opportunities to increase revenues and find new ways to reach to customers. I see Hotelway as one of the pioneers in driving this change and there is a huge potential for growth."
"We raised this round to be able to continue our international growth and our product development with new refined tools. Despite covid-19, Hotelway has grown 80% within past 6 months. More and more hotels see the opportunity to let our hospitality trained chatbot support their human team so that they can focus on more complex tasks."

Investment round to boost international growth

We are planning now to boost international growth for instance in Italy, Spain and Sweden and to add even more refined features to our hospitality trained chatbot. In 2019, we were selected as the most promising hospitality startup in Europe. Since then, our mission remains intact: we want to make guest communication profitable for the hotels.

We provide tailored AI chatbots as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). We build, maintain and update our bots so hotel guests can find exactly what they need, with no effort and in no time. As a result, our solution drives direct bookings and additional hotel sales. The key to success is our hospitality-specific content. Because we have tens of thousands of hotel chats in our database, the success rate of our chatbots is very high right from the start.

Who joined us in this investment round?

Six new investors have joined Hotelway in this investment round and even some of our current owners have participated:

Leap Investors Oy (Matias Mäenpää and Anssi Kiviranta), Juni Holding Oy (Juha Saarinen), Lifeyri Oy (Pasi Penkkala), Avainco Oy (Paul Westerlund), DX Invest Oy (Tero Nummenpää), M.P. Korolainen Oy (Tuukka Korolainen), Novate AB (Sirkku Erlandsson), Jyri Kuusela and Elias Aalto.

Welcome to Hotelway!

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