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Hotelway chatbot in Spain. 2021… here we come!

We are glad to share these news. In this article we reveal that our intention to integrate Hotelway chatbot in Spain is a reality.

Hotelway chatbot to boost travel recovery in Spain

We are determined to make the best of 2021. Our mission is to make the world of travel better and we want to make that statement international. Again!

Our operations have already started. In fact, our service has been featured with a very positive review in Pablo Laffite’s hospitality blog.

From now on, our “chatbot hotelero” will be available in Spanish and for our Spanish customers. As for Hotelway, the person to carry that mission is our new Hotelway Sales Manager, Ignacio de Miguel Martín.

Ignacio sales Hotelway chatbot in Spain
Ignacio de Miguel. Hotelway Sales Manager in Spain

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I consider myself a proactive person. Although, who isn’t in our industry (hospitality)? What defines me is my creativity. That is to say, I come up with ways to make our customer’s lives easier.

Why Hotelway?

As a hospitality enthusiast, I love the idea of making the hotel guest communication easier and more efficient. Certainly, digitalization is an unstoppable trend and I am honored to be part of such an interesting concept.

How do the travel and tourism forthcoming days look to you (in your opinion)? 

After the pandemic, life is going to change in many ways. Therefore, tourism will change too!

Travelers will still want to enjoy traditional comforts. However, they will be more careful with safety, distance, hygiene or human contact. Thus, we better get ready in advance to meet their needs.

Do you have experience in startups?

No, Hotelway is actually the first (he laughs). And it feels great!

Hotelway team transmits a comfortable vibe, which is important for a healthier communication. Not to mention that, it gives us the opportunity to get to know everyone more deeply.

What are your expectations for Hotelway?

Our clients expect us to adapt. For example, if we keep them waiting in line, they will go to next door.

Considering the current situation, I am convinced that chatbots will grow dramatically in the upcoming years. Surely, Hotelway will be there as an industry leader.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy the simple things of life: spending time with family and friends, football (yes, I am a Real Madrid fan), padel, surf or ski. Above all, I love traveling and trying different foods. In fact, I cannot wait to do my next trip!

Spain has been one of the regions where COVID hit the hardest. As a result, the world of travel has been disrupted. But it will not be much longer. When travel resumes our partners in Spain will be ready to cater the needs of their guests with Hotelway chatbot.

Welcome Ignacio to Hotelway. We are very glad you jumped aboard!