Chatbot with Live Agents – superior guest service

In addition to our Chatbot, we offer you the possibility for live agents (humans!) to chat with your guests. Whether you’d like to use Hotelway Guest Care Specialists (GCS) or have your own staff answering your guests’ questions – or both – we can make it happen. Our average guest satisfaction is over 97%! Additionally, we generate you roughly 5 times more in sales than what you pay us.

If the bot does not understand the question, the guest has the possibility to continue with a human agent.

Each of our GCSs are experienced operators who have worked in or studied hospitality. 

The setup process includes our Key Account Manager studying your hotel thoroughly, sometimes by spending a night even.

The service times are 8:00 – 22:00 every day, but the bot serves 24/7. 



The prices depend on the amount of chats. 

599€ per month includes 300 conversations, 799€ includes 450 conversations and 999€ includes 600 conversations.

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