Chatbot with Live Agents – superior guest service

In addition to our Chatbot, we offer you the possibility for live agents (humans!) to chat with your guests.  Normally, if the bot does not understand the question, the guest has the possibility to send a message. But with this feature they can continue with a human agent.

You have the possibility to assign your own team – sales, reception, etc. – to continue the chat with your guests. You will have access to the full conversation to carry on the discussion. THIS really provides the superb service!

Please note, however, that your guests expect you to answer within 1 minute to the chat, so make sure your staff is available at all times. Of course, you can go offline for the nights and our bot will relay the messages to you.

Another possibility is to use Hotelway Guest Care Specialists. It means, that our staff will chat with your guests on behalf of you. There will be a separate pricing for it, starting 599€/month.

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