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5 chatbot tips to overcome innovation fear.

In this article, we will share will you our expert insights and chatbot tips to overcome innovation fear.


Thinking outside the box is not easy. And this task becomes even more daunting when innovating. Leaving one’s comfort zone is not for everybody but neither is business.

Because of the global pandemic, safety guidelines and regulations change in weekly basis. In this fierce environment, businesses strive to increase their market shares. As a matter of fact, this volatile situation rewards those who adapt faster and cope with the pace of change. Put simply, innovation is adapting.


1. Understand where we are heading to.

According to Outgrow reasearch, 80% of businesses will have chatbot automation by the end of 2020. To us, this forecast does not come as a surprise.

Messaging platforms have been a trend since smartphones came around. In fact, they are the main growth driver for chatbot usage accross different industries. Acknowledging these facts is crucial because it shows us where our clients are and what channels they use.

In conclusion, trends suggest that is an good time to get started with chatbots.

2. Innovate in safety.

Innovation fear. No thanks

Hospitality must comply with new safety protocols. As far as public opinion goes, having your hotel open for business means that your hygiene standards are top notch. Nonetheless, new customer behavior suggests that consumers want to avoid close contact when possible.

Hotel chatbots have changed the way customers communicate with your staff. For example, nowadays in-house guests can manage their reservations without going physically to reception. Similarly, they can order room service, make purchases or book activities without having to step in the lobby. Hence, chatbot remove the physical health hazard without losing any of that personal touch.

3. It's all about branding.

Your brand links with the perception that your guests have about your hotel with the information that is available to them. Bearing this in mind, why not making your company’s information more available?

Centralize your hotel information and deliver it to your guests instantly and around the clock. Research reveals that 50% of your clients expect customer care 24/7. Deliver it!

A good right chatbot at hand does wonders. As a result, your hotel brand will improve exponentially because your guests can talk to you anytime and from anywhere. In short, technological innovation complements your marketing strategy and adds value to your brand.

Clients want 24/7 customer care
30 %
Millennials report positive experiences
30 %

4. DATA always beats innovation fear.

Internet users are already using chatbots when buying services and products. In fact, 70% of millennials who have engaged with chatbots online report very positive experiences. Similarly, this can be seen in Hotelway’s chatbot. Our company numbers show a success rate of more than 90%!

Before taking the innovation leap, make your research. Firstly, trust data only from reliable sources. Secondly, see how other business that use chatbots are doing and draw your own conclusions.

Due diligence research is the best ally against innovation fear.

5. Do NOT let fear at the decision wheel.

We hoteliers are reluctant to try new things. Business owners often think that they are advanced and that their approach is good enough. In reality, hospitality is alarmingly behind the technological trends. At least, compared to other industries.
Contrary to common believe, innovation does not have to be big. In fact, nowadays it does not require a great investment. For example, Hotelway’s chatbot is based on monthly memberships that require of no additional acquisition of assets. This new approach spares you the hassle of worrying over costly investments.
However, if you are still hesitant towards embracing innovation, ask yourself: What is the worst than can happen anyway? What is the best? Ponder those answers carefully before making a decision. After all, you, as a business manager, know what is best for your firm.


Scan and see how a hotel chatbot works!

The world of travel has become more competitive because of the pandemic. As a result, companies that think outside the box will thrive. However, managers must not make decisions out of panic.

Due diligence research is key to overcome innovation fear. First, study the current industry trends. Secondly, update your branding strategy so it matches your customer intent. But, most importantly, rely on data when making a decision.

Together, we will make travel recovery possible!