3 ways chatbots impact hotel customer experience (CX).

Successful hoteliers are those who create value by understanding customer intent. Those hotel managers that comprehend what consumers want are more likely to provide a satisfactory offer to them, thus, improving customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) is the impression a hotel leaves in their guests, affecting the perception of the company’s brand. It is directly linked with the customer journey. Thanks to digitalization, hotels can woo their clients throughout all the touchpoints of their journey, thus creating meaningful transformative experiences before, during and after the stay.

In Hotelway we strongly believe on making each guest overnight count by implementing AI-based chatbots. Here are three ways chatbots impact the hospitality industry.

1) Easy and meaningful communication

Clients no longer want to wait in line to get a problem solved. They want an instant answer that allows them to continue enjoying their day. Hence, it is crucial that hotels acquire AI-based chatbots that provide solutions in real time.

By the year 2021, 70% of organizations will integrate AI solutions in their business models. In the hospitality industry, chatbots can inform guests about hotel features, food and beverage recommendations or even destination attractions, making their overnight stay easy and meaningful.

2) Guest engagement

Hotels may have a fantastic offer customized for each guest. However, that is no longer enough. The need to provide the right offer at the right time is imperative if hotels want to satisfy consumers.

Guests do not need an overwhelming FAQ given at the beginning of their journey. Instead, they want to be given solutions as their problems arise throughout the service touchpoints. Given room service information in a FAQ in the moment of the booking, is not very reasonable. Chatbots allow hotels to engage with their guests with the right offer at the right time, enhancing their customer experience.

This exercise often results in an increase of ancillary sales, proving chatbots a worthy investment. Only last June, our chatbot service reports more than 4000 interactions handled, from which a 15% ended up in room reservation.

3) Loyalty through personalization

75% of consumers like personalized offers, rewarding that personal touch with loyalty. Loyalty encourages guest repetition and drives hotel reputation. What clients say about their hotel stay to their peers through the diverse channels, matters. Therefore, we see that loyalty created through enhancing CX will also increase revenue. But how can hotels customize their offer? Chatbots play a crucial role.

Customer behavior and needs are different and in constant transformation. In fact, 90% of guest dislike when a message is not personalized, making of this a narrow margin for error. AI-based chatbots permit hoteliers tailor made their messages and interactions with confidence.

Hotel guests want a personal touch. They want to feel unique and valuable. After all, isn’t that what hospitality is about?

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